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We know exactly what to do with garbage. Therefore, we don’t intend to create electronic garbage for you.
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It’s very easy to travel all over in a song lyric.
But we do that for a fact.


Waste Treatment

Waste solution in the whole country.


Access our Blog
and find out that treating
waste is much more
than simply
“dispose of garbage”.


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Alameda Bom Pastor, 91 - Bloco III
Campina - São José dos Pinhais
Phone: +55 41 3398-2377 | 3081-9500

Rio de Janeiro

Rua Almirante Grenfall, 405, Sl 513/514
Bl Verde - Parque Duque - Duque de Caxias
Phone: +55 21 3654-4001 | 3659-0893

São Paulo

Avenida Roberto Gordon, 342
Vila Mary - Diadema
Phone: +55 11 5051-0141

Other locations: 0800-644-0704